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Vegan Apple Pie Round Up

Perfect Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Vegan Caramel Apple Pie

American Apple Pie (GF)

Apple Crumb Pie

Individual Apple Pie

Easy Raw Vegan Apple Pie

Appleberry Pie with Olive Oil Crust

Whole Wheat Apple Hand Pies

Apple Pie Cheesecake (GF)


please, PLEASE get in me

get in me and get cozy and get settled in my chub and never leave me

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Vegan Pull Apart Bread Round Up

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

Caramel Apple Pull Apart Bread

Pull Apart Chocolaty Vegan Bread Cake

Sweet Potato Pull Apart Bread

Pizza Pull Apart Bread

i am drooling

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Blue Chalcedony/ Blue Holy Agate on Matrix

This beautiful rock resembles a small cave of captured blue clouds and its essence is very much a soothing stone. Its blue energy emits a feeling of as if one were to hold an ice pack to an injury, helping one heal any emotional wounds. It offers calm and positivity, helping one be in the ‘now’, rather than worrying what might (or might not!) be. It’s a wonderful stone for assisting with communication and is particularly good for singers!

This rough piece is one of a few pieces we have chosen to appear at the Venusrox showroom and we hope you can enjoy peering into this small haven of blue. 

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This is what heaven looks like

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Vegan Chocolate Mint Cookie Cheesecake. No-Bake!